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Claude Bouchereau – Metal Sculptor, transforming old iron tools into works of Art :

« Metal Work has always been my professional activity.

Initially, in my spare time, I constructed basic items in sheet metal and wrought iron such as Street Lamps, Patio Railings, banisters, Gazebos etc. for my family and friends.

A few years before my retirement I was inspired to start using the Metal Work medium to create artistic designs but choosing old iron tools as my raw material.

Many of the tools that can be found are extremely old and are a constant source of ideas that I can transform in my workshop and give them a second life. For example, an old scythe blade can become a graceful sail on a model yacht. With the abundance of raw material available I am constantly advancing my artistic vision and creating new forms. My workshop is full of axe heads,pliers, spanners, bolts, bearings, agricultural tools, machine parts etc etc. One day they will become dancers, musicians, animals, birds, pictures and so on that give me such joy and satisfaction.

When I became aware of the popularity of my art I held my first public exhibition and have exhibited regularly every year in the « Pays de la Loire ». I am always fascinated by the enthusiastic response and interpretations offered by the visitors. I am fully retired now and it is a pleasure to be able to devote myself entirely to this passion.

In this blog, you will find my creations, some press reviews, the awards that I have been fortunate enough to receive and, my contact information.

I hope you find my Art of interest »

Claude Bouchereau

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  1. Anonyme says:

    J’aime vraiment votre travail. J’ai essaye de trouver nombreux blogs en ligne mais le votre est très interessant.
    Excusez mon francais pas tres bon, je suis Allemande.

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